I haven’t posted in a long time.  I’m still trying to figure this site out.  Thinking of changing the theme again, I think it’s too busy.  I’m wanting something more simple and plain, and easier to navigate.  I don’t know, maybe this is good.

So the upside of the whoop-dee-doos.  This week has been glorious and a wonderful, productive break.  I love my son, to the end of the universe. There comes a point in time, where self-care must take place.  Last year he was approved for DDD, Developmental Disabilities Division of the health and welfare department (here it’s Dept of Economic Security) and was approved for respite, a break from Mom and Dad.  This last week we used 96 hours of the 600 yearly allocated hours and sent him to camp.  It’s been two years since he’s been to camp.  I’m totally excited that he has been able to get away from us and we got a chance to be a married couple again.

JD had to work and I had school, but in the evenings we were able to sit around the pool with our neighbors, go out to eat and not have to wonder if we have $60, or even go out dancing! And yes JD actually danced!  It was awkward, but he did it because he loves me. I was also able to get my homework done without a big rush at the end.

No anger, no doubt, no yelling and screaming, no appointments, just pure unadulterated adult time.

He comes home today and the appointments begin again, right away.


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