New Season, New Year

It’s been a long time since I’ve been here; too long.  I almost feel guilty for not writing, but I don’t always feel I have something “important” to write about.  I’m a simple girl, living a simply complex life, with a guy who adores me and supports me, and a son who I know loves me but sometimes I wonder what he’s really thinking and feeling. I know that he has a difficult time reaching those depths inside himself.

This year he is 15 and a sophomore.  He’s been in occupational therapy and neurofeedback (biofeedback therapy) this summer.  He seems to have improvement in his emotional awareness and has had fewer whoopde-doos (ups and downs). Those that he did have were shorter in length and intensity. I love this kid and I’d do anything for him.  The upside of the new year is he will be continuing in his digital media courses.  This year will be his first dual enrollment course for college credit.  So proud of him!

The down: I still can’t leave him alone for too long as I worry about his safety and ability to feed himself safely.  He still has no intrinsic need to go do something, like go to the library or get together with his classmates.  This summer it seems he has had a decrease in desire to strive and work hard; even his summer olympic events has decreased in time and improvement.  The upside to that: he’s normal!  haha

The ups with us: hubby was promoted with a raise. The down: disability went down, insurance will be cancelled at the end of the year, and rent went up goodbye raise!  The up: I will graduate this spring with my AA and ready to transfer to a university.  The down: I am experiencing health issues and my appointment is two Saturday’s away.  I am a very poor waiter, I am a nervous wreck waiting.

I am looking forward to this year and season.  I’m nervous as all get out, but I know my God is bigger than any of this.  He has His ways of calming me, such as sewing, working out, walking and hiking many miles.  It’s all good and I know it.

All of us need someone to count on.  Usually we need at least two, one female and our husband (or male and wife).  Humans were designed and created for relationships.  Relationships are hard, they take a LOT of WORK, every moment, every day.


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