This family began in 1991 when JD and Nicci were married.  At the time, neither of us wanted to have children, as we were “young and dumb” and we knew it.  We had no real plans, except a 5-year plan; we’d decide about kids then.  In 1999 we traveled across the world to Taiwan and the proverbial questions about kids surfaced repeatedly.  That trip made us think deeply about our future, what we wanted and where we wanted to be, not to mention my biological clock was ticking!  In 2002 our beautiful blonde bombshell son was born.  That day changed our whole world completely!  Never did I dream of this life, never will I wish this life on anyone, never in a million years will I give it up.  I have been blessed by God with this bundle of joy called family.

My rollercoaster has joy, tears, and celebrations of the thingThomas 5 25 2015s most families take for granted.

This site is all about that rollercoaster.  Sometimes the days are really awesome and sometimes they are really bad.  My husband and I were given this gorgeous gift from God and we intend to guide him to be respectable and productive adult, whatever that may look like to him.  While facing the ups and downs I learn through experiences, classes, conferences, other people; and I want to share those experiences and the information I have gained thus far.

Come on this rollercoaster with me for laughs, tears, and knowledge.