A New Hope

When we moved to Arizona, we never expected T to have the difficulties that he has had.  He has been a loving child whose triggers were slow to become aggressive; he was more emotional than physical.  With all the preparations we took to ensure a nice, smooth transition and move.  However, this move did not […]

Year In Review 2016

I apologize for the hiatus.  I feel horribly inadequate to blog, much less make this particular blog look good.  It’s quite overwhelming to me especially that I’m not happy with the way the page presents itself.   Many events have occurred.  High school began for my kid.  College began for me.  Husband was promoted and […]


This day was supposed to be a great day; pack for camp, pick up meds from pharmacy, eat McD’s breakfast, get him on the bus for the last camp before school starts, and I get my final papers done.  I have had my cry-out already, I have had time to get my emotions in check […]